Growing up as a kid, the concept of buying a hockey stick was simple. Walk into the local sporting goods store, find the stick rack, select a lefty or righty, pay the $15 and start playing.

Fast forward 30 years and things have changed dramatically. Despite being a lifelong fan of the game, I had no idea of how the technology had changed since my childhood.

When my six-year-old was ready for his first stick, I’ll admit that I was a little embarrassed with my lack of knowledge and a little overwhelmed with the choices of sticks. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only parent who has felt this way. The guys in the shop lead me to the youth sticks where my son picked the coolest looking stick that didn’t break the bank.

Fast forward a few months and I’m baffled as I watch my son who is all of 50 pounds try to skate in and rip a shot only to fling his body into the boards. I thought, “there must be a better way”.

After spending hours in the pro shop and online, we discovered that sticks are primarily designed for teens and adults.

The large manufacturers were making junior sticks but with flexes no lower than 40 and all the sticks were very long requiring a significant amount of the shaft to be cut away. Suddenly, the 40 flex Junior stick became a 60 flex stick. What was once appropriate for an 80 pound player is now appropriate for a 120 pound player.

On the other hand youth sticks may have a lower flex, but the shaft is so thin that it spins in the young players hands and the blade is so small that it opens easily (torque) when receiving passes and shooting, leading to pucks sliding under the blade and inaccurate shots.

SnipeShow was conceived out of the need to provide a durable, high quality, incredibly light weight ( all models less than 400g) appropriately sized stick for the developing young hockey player at an affordable price. With flexes ranging from 20-50 we have your junior and intermediate player covered.

Step into a SnipeShow stick today!

Recent Reviews

Gino | Age 8, Rocketripper 30
This is the first stick I've come across that is 50 Flex that actually works for kids. I don't see kids having the sticks roll around in their hands anymore. The blade is the same length as a senior stick, puck control is a lot better, and the flex point is perfectly in line with the stick.
Ryan Secor | Coach, Barnburner 50
I like the separation of the stick. I like the feel of the grip it's not super wax heavy which is a problem with most composite sticks. Nice bottom feel, nice release point, nice balance, nice stick.  
Jeff Lobman | Coach, Barnburner 50
SnipeShow dancing on the big board |

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