What is the importance of flex?

Using a stick with the appropriate flex allows the player to shoot the puck with increased velocity and power. As the blade contacts the ice just prior to puck impact, the shaft bends or flexes, "loading potential energy". That energy gets released once contact is made with the puck and continues in the follow-through.By allowing the stick to do the work, the player maintains their form and technique as the player does not have to "muscle" the shot to get velocity

How do I know what the correct flex is for my player?

As a general rule, the flex of the stick should be no more than half of the players body weight. It is important to remember that as a stick is cut down, the flex of the shaft increases making it stiffer. For every 2 inches the stick is cut down, approximately 7 lbs of flex is added to the shaft

Why is the only available curve and S 92 (P 92, Backstrom equivalent) with a lie of 6

We specifically chose to start with the S 92 curve as it is the most versatile curve for most players. It allows young players to improve their stick-handling skills while also allowing for superior shooting capability. We felt that a lie of 6 was the sweet spot, allowing the most versatility for most players regardless of position.

A lie of 6 was chosen as this falls within the mid range of the most common manufactured lie patterns (4-7).

A lower lie will work better for players who skate in a more crouched down position or who prefer to handle the puck further from their body.

A higher lie is recommended for a player who skates more upright or who prefers to be able to handle the puck tight to their body.

Our intense scientific research (asking hundreds of kids and sneaking peaks at sticks in locker rooms) helped us decide.

How can a snipe show stick improve performance?

Using a stick specifically engineered with the appropriate flex, length and weight allows the player to develop skills without sacrificing form and technique

What is your warranty?

We provide a 30 day warranty against manufactures defects. Please refer to our terms and conditions section for details.

How can I get a SnipeShow stick?

SnipeShow sticks are available directly for purchase on our website. Please contact us for large order discounts.

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