Rocketripper 30

Rocketripper 30




The ROCKETRIPPER 30 FLEX measures 52 inches from toe to but end and is suited for players weighing under 80 pounds. Constructed with 18k carbon fiber weave and weighing only 312g, the Rocketripper takes them to the next level. A ribbed slightly tacky grip enhances the feel of the stick in the hands

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Left-Handed, Right-Handed

360° Stick View

Recent Reviews

Gino | Age 8, Rocketripper 30
This is the first stick I've come across that is 50 Flex that actually works for kids. I don't see kids having the sticks roll around in their hands anymore. The blade is the same length as a senior stick, puck control is a lot better, and the flex point is perfectly in line with the stick.
Ryan Secor | Coach, Barnburner 50
I like the separation of the stick. I like the feel of the grip it's not super wax heavy which is a problem with most composite sticks. Nice bottom feel, nice release point, nice balance, nice stick.  
Jeff Lobman | Coach, Barnburner 50
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